How can I pay?

You can pay for your RestaurantKaart membership with iDeal or creditcard.

How do I order RestaurantKaart?

Register for your RestaurantKaart membership via The first month is always for free! The first month you'll pay €0,01 cent with iDeal or creditcard to complete your registration. After your free trial month you'll pay €6,99 a month for your membership, which you can cancel monthly.

How do I receive my RestaurantKaart and from when can I use it?

The RestaurantKaart is a digital app. After registration you will receive a confirmation email from us with additional information. Activate the app of RestaurantKaart with your email address and password. After that, your RestaurantKaart is ready for use.

Can I order multiple cards?

Of course you can! Send an email to Or let us know via the contactformulier. We are happy to be of any assistance.

Do I have time to consider?

By Dutch law you have 14 days to change your mind. After, you can cancel RestaurantKaart every month.


How much do I pay for a RestaurantKaart membership?

The first month is always for free! After that, RestaurantKaart costs € 6.99 (incl.) per month and your subscription can be canceled monthly.

Can I already use my RestaurantKaart tonight?

Ofcourse you can. In the registration process, you'll be asked to come up with a password. Next step: download the RestaurantKaart app on your mobile device. After finishing the registration process and payment, open the app and log in with your e-mailadress and password. In the RestaurantKaart app you can book a table right away at one of the 600+ restaurants.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription by going to your personal information page and log in with your username and password. After going to your personal information page you click on "Cancel". Below this button you can see immediately when your membership is valid.

How do I know when my subscriptions is going to end.

Your subscription is valid until you decide to cancel. The subscription can be canceled on a monthly basis.

I received one month for free as a gift from a friend. Is my subscription now running automatically?

It is nice that you have been trying RestaurantKaart for one month now. Did you pay 0,01 cent during the registration? In that case, your subscription continues automatically. Do you not want this to happen? Then forward your cancellation to

Does the price includes VAT?

Yes, the prices of your RestaurantKaart includes VAT.


How can I show my RestaurantKaart?

You need to show your RestaurantKaart at the checkout. You need to open the RestaurantKaart app. Click at the restaurant you just ate. At the bottom of the page you find a button that says: "Toon RestaurantKaart" and show the card to the employee.

Can I use the RestaurantKaart on every type of smartphone or tablet?

You can use the RestaurantKaart on an Android or IOS device. If your using IOS, you will need the IOS 8 version or higher.

Can I use my RestaurantKaart on more than one device?

No unfortunately not. Your RestaurantKaart can only be linked to one device at the same time.

I want to use the RestaurantKaart app on another device. What do I need to do?

Send an email to or let us know through contactformulier. We're happy to make the adjustment.

I've been asked to activate my app again, but I don't know my membercode. What now?

We are happy to help. Send us an email Or use our contactformulier. If it is really urgent, you can give us a call 020 26 16 712.


How many times can I use my RestaurantKaart?

With a valid RestaurantKaart, you can eat out as often as you want! In the RestaurantKaart app you can check on which days and times a restaurant accepts RestaurantKaart.

Can I order everything I want with the RestaurantKaart?

With your RestaurantKaart you can order everything from the card. If there are exceptions, this is explicitly stated on the page of the restaurant.

Is the discount also valid on drinks?

No, the discount is only valid on the food.

With how many people can i use my RestaurantKaart?

This is indicated at the restaurant pages. In most cases, the discount is valid for 2 persons. Do you want to eat with 4 persons at a restaurant that indicated a maximum of 2 persons? No problem! The 50% discount wil be settled on the 2 cheapest starters, main dishes and desserts.

Is it possible to eat out alone with the RestaurantKaart?

Yes of course! If you want to eat out by yourself with RestaurantKaart, you will also receive 50% discount on the food.

Is it possible to share my RestaurantKaart with someone else?

No! The RestaurantKaart is personal card.

Is the RestaurantKaart also valid on holidays?

RestaurantKaart is not valid during holidays, unless the app specificies other.

How do I make a reservation?

Open the RestaurantKaart app and pick a restaurant. You can choose between more than 600 restaurants! Click on the 'Reserveren' button and pick a date and time. Any dietary requirements? Let us know as a comment in your reservation. You always receive a confirmation of your reservation.

RestaurantKaart always calls the reservations to the restaurants, with the exception of public holidays. If RestaurantKaart is closed (on public holidays), the reservation will be processed the next day. This happens on Monday to Friday between 9 am and 8 pm and on Saturdays and Sundays between 12 pm and 8 pm. The reservation is only valid when RestaurantKaart passes the reservation itself to the restaurant and confirms this via the RestaurantKaart app.

Is the discount only valid for dinner?

In the mood for an long lunch? Then you are OK with RestaurantKaart! Open the RestaurantKaart app and find out if a restaurant accepts RestaurantKaart for lunch, dinner or both.

Can I use multiple RestaurantKaarten for one reservation?

No, per table you can use one RestaurantKaart. In the RestaurantKaart app you can find how many people receive the 50% discount for each restaurant.


50%, how is that possible?

With the RestaurantKaart we make sure that it is busy every day of the week in our Restaurants. On quiet moments you will receive 50% discount on the food for you and your table compagnon. We make you happy and provide the restaurant an extra table. With the money saved you can buy a beautiful bottle of wine to share at dinner.

The restaurant where i want to eat, gives a discount to max. 2 persons. I want to eat here with more than 2 persons. Is that possible?

Restaurants decide the maximum of persons that receive the discount. If you mention that you bring more people to eat than, the maximum that receive discount, it is no problem. The discount is valid only for the maximum people indicated on the page.

How do I recognize the (new) Restaurants that are affiliated with RestaurantKaart?

With the app you can discover the restaurants which are affiliated with RestaurantKaart. A current overview of the Restaurants you can find Do you follow us on our social media channels? We share new restaurants and other information on a daily basis on these channels.

How is it possible that my favorite restaurant isn't on the site anymore?

Restaurants have the freedom to stop with RestaurantKaart at anytime. Therefore, it is possible that your favorite restaurant stopped with the RestaurantKaart. Luckily we are connecting new restaurants on a daily basis!


I have an complaint

Unfortunate to hear you have a complaint. But we are happy to help! You can contact us via Or just give us a call 020 26 16 712. We will review the nature of your complaint and we will give you as soon as possible a substantive reaction.

I've lost my phone! What now?

If you contact us, we'll help you find a solution! It is annoying enough that you have lost your phone! Sent us an e-mail or use the contactformulier. If it is really urgent, give us a call 020 26 16 712.

Not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint?

What a pity! Whenever you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint, you can submit your complaint to the Geschillencommissie Thuiswinkel and the Europese ODR platform.